Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We are learning how to brush our teeth.... its been a long process . She has never let me do it easily.... so we are trying a little "relinquish the control" method! She seems to be doing a better job than I can ( and I was able to do her hair!)

My Little Monkey

My little monkey figured out how to climb out of her crib and was making it very effortless...... so it's time for a toddler bed, lucky for me.....her was a convertable. Down went the bars, up went the baby gate on the door. Otherwise, I would catch her watching tv in the living room!

Danielle Graduated 6th grade!

Danielle just graduated 6th grade, we are now getting ready for Jr. High.... my how time has flown! I can't possibly be old enough for a 7th grader! Here is a few graduation pictures for all who could not be with us.


We are working on hairdo's but Noah doesn't like to cooperate! This is one of the neater creations!