Sunday, May 17, 2009

Skinny Dipping

I bought Noah a pool to keep cool in during the summer time. Last week hit was getting pretty warm around here so we decided to try them out. She decided that she didn't want a swim suit and she wasn't having a swim diaper....She wanted to "splash" as she calls it like she does in the house so I thought what a great photo op and now I have blackmail pictures for when she is older!

Easter Sunday

Every year my mother has Easter Brunch at her house to celebrate Jesus and all he has done for us. We have a nice breakfast with the whole family and then we have an easter egg hunt in the back yard. We have been growing very rapidly over the last few years, and it was nice for so many of our kids to get to play together and enjoy the day.

Catching up as requested- this craziness commonly refered to as my life

So this is my cat Mikey..... he is such a strange creature. His best friend is a large racoon that comes out at night. They hang out and Mikey lets him eat out of his cat dish and everything....... until one night something went south. This is my feeble attempt at "fixing" the cat myself. Well we ended up in the vet and 2 hundred dollars, 1 surgery, and 10 days of medication later. He's friend with the Racoon again....and now there are 2 of them instead of just one.